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SJU_BI_Speaker_Event_InviteVincent Napoli 2/25/2011UnknownDownload

 Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Business Intelligence Unleashed By Steven Mann, Chuck Rivel, Ray Barley, Jim Pletscher, Aneel Ismaily -



Mark Kromer's Session on 1/11/2012 for SQL Server 2012 Power View reporting tool -



PSSUG TV (youtube) Link
3/15/12 Meeting - Dominic Falso "Intro to Statistical progamming"


Articles by PSSUG members (that we know of...) 

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Hilary Cotter full text search language features
Hilary Cotter full text search language features, part 2,-part-2/
Hilary Cotter Identity crisis in replication
Alex Grinberg Multi-valued Parameters problem in Reporting Services,  Creating Functions for Stored Procedures, Self Eliminated Parameters, Working with System tables, ARRAY In SQL Server 2000
Mark Kromer Proof of Concepts Help to Drive BI Adoption

Mark Kromer Change data capture in SQL Server 2008 improves BI reporting accuracy
Mark Kromer 5 Things to Consider for SQL Server Data Warehouse DBAs
Mark Kromer Data Profiling Tools in SQL Server 2008
Dennis Lloyd / Sebastian Meine Sql Server unit testing
Sebastian Meine Stairway to SQL Server Replication
Sebastian Meine Using Table Partitions To Archive Old Data In OLTP Environments (with Kalen Delaney)
Josef Richberg simple query tuning with statistics io and execution plans
Josef Richberg  ssis and parallelism